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Keeping track of class schedules and school calendars can be difficult and confusing for any student. Schools often have many calendars, in multiple places. To further complicate things, one of the latest improvements in instruction technique is the introduction of a rotating calendar which allows longer class periods within the same length school day.

Maintaining multiple calendars and scheduling events can become a time consuming nightmare for everyone involved. Managing a rotating calendar is an added burden to the already complicated requirements of school scheduling.

Introducing KooluCal.

KooluCal is a calendar application designed specifically for high schools and high school students. 



With KooluCal students have their class schedule available at all times. Students have the ability to view their class schedule online, or on a mobile device. A student’s calendar updates dynamically when calendar administrators make changes. Students can also add their own events and merge extracurricular calendars with their own. Now students have one simple calendar for all of their classes and appointments!


High Schools

High schools have the ability to setup and manage all types of calendars in one location. These calendars include:

·        Standard or rotating student schedules,

·        Standard or rotating teacher schedules,

·        Community periods,

·        Extracurricular schedules, and

·        Much more.

Most importantly, high schools can easily adjust the school day’s calendar for holidays, snow days, rallies, and early dismissals. Any changes, any time, to any calendar, automatically updates the student’s view. And to help students throughout the day, the high school has the ability to display schedules and broadcast messages on kiosks throughout the school.

KooluCal helps keep students and administrators organized.

KooluCal -  The New Kind of Calendar for Schools and Students Who Want to Stay Ahead of the Curve!



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