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Applying to private high schools can be confusing for students and parents. The process is difficult because schools generally have unique applications that use a lot of paper. These factors leave room for error, disorientation, and most of all inefficiency. 

Today, most universities and colleges have web-based applications, and many use the same software. Why should applying to high school be any different?

Introducing KooluApp.

KooluApp is a web-based high school application software that makes the high school application process easier for students, parents, high schools, and elementary schools.


Students and Parents

Students and parents now have the ability to apply to high schools online, in one place. General student information is recorded once and questions that are unique to a school’s application are added. In addition, the system gives students and parents the ability to request transcripts and recommendations from their elementary school. KooluApp emails the elementary school, and in response the elementary school uses KooluApp to send the requested information to the high school.



High schools have the ability to keep their application unique with this easy to setup, intuitive software. Once students apply, high schools use KooluApp to:

·        Help manage the review process,

·        View applications online,

·        Receive and review elementary school transcripts and recommendations

·        Keep track of each student and their application status.


Elementary Schools

Elementary schools use KooluApp to submit requested transcripts and recommendations to high schools. Once elementary schools receive student requests, teachers and administrators use KooluApp to complete recommendation forms online, and sign and send them electronically. They can also upload grades and permanent records.

KooluApp eliminates paper use, question repetition, and inefficiency.


KooluApp - Streamlining the Application Process for Everyone Involved!



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